The Woman Who Dreamed of a Man

The young and beautiful ”K” is haunted by a dream about a strange man.
On a business trip, as a fashion photographer, she meets the man from her dreams. Her otherwise perfect life, with her beloved Johan, their daughter and her successful job, is now in danger, because of a mystical love between two strangers.

The love becomes an obsession, and when the dreams interfere with reality their romance has fatal consequences for their future.

Premiere: 21.01.2010
Genre: Drama
Production: Zentropa Entertainments
Director: Per Fly
Producer: Ib Tardini
Co-producer: Maipo AS v/ Dag Alveberg    
Cast: Sara Richter, Marcik Dorocínski, Michael Nyqvist, Alberte Blichfeldt, Tammi Øst

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