The Brigade

We follow the dramatic lives of the Brigade B-01 fire fighters whose work is so mentally and physically challenging that it borders on being unbearable. They are always there, ready to protect and serve, but in matters of life and death the fire fighters always feel like they could have done more. Their perilous work affects all aspects of their lives, and their stressful surroundings make an impact on their personal lives as well as relations amongst themselves and the fire station management, whose goal is to affirm their control over the unconventional smoke divers.

Premiere Norway: NRK, March 2002
Genre: TV Drama 26 x 50 min
Screenplay: Ivar Køhn, Siv Rajendram Eliassen, Birgitte Bratseth,
Peter Eisenstein, Bror Hagemann og Peter Wahl
Directors: Erik Poppe, Beris Nesheim, Christian Brym og Tor Tørstad
Cast: Anderz Eide, Åsmund Brede Eike og Kirkman Erik

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