My Jealous Barber

Bent is a young man who finds comfort in routines and stability. He is never absent from his job, he always has his hair cut at the same hairdresser, and he faithfully brings his old father his dinner every day.
But then the aroma therapist Susie moves into the neighbourhood. Susie is a woman with soft hands, a big heart, and an extremely poor memory. Her short term memory is so weak that she never remembers anything from the day before. Bent is reluctantly fascinated by her, who thinks every meeting with him is their first meeting, and who every day enthusiastically welcomes him as a new customer.
The barber Frank observes what is about to happen, and he warns Bent against doing anything hasty. But Bent decides he wants to do something new in his life. At least change hairdresser.

Premiere: 03.09.2004
Genre: Drama
Screenplay: Lars Saabye Christensen and Annette Sjursen
Based on "Den Misunnelige Frisøren" by Lars Saabye Christensen
Director: Anette Sjursen
Producer: Dag Alveberg
Cast: Gard Eidsvold, Hildegunn Riise, Bjørn R. Sundquist, Espen Skjønberg, Jørgen Langhelle, Kristoffer Joner

Awards and nominations
Rouen Nordic Film Festival: Best Actor, to Bjørn Sundquist
International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg: Special Jury Award, Best Director

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