Maria's Men

Maria (41) is surrounded by men.

Fredrik (50), from Denmark, is interested in a serious, long-term relationship. Jonas (23) wants to live life in the moment. Maria decides to let her hair down, let herself be swept away. Her father thinks she's making a fool of herself, but he is still supportive of her and her three children. It all reaches a crescendo when her ex-husband Lasse requests primary custody of the children.

Maria tries to consider everyone's needs, but is in danger of losing herself. She is sick and tired of horny bosses, school bullies, and idiots trying to tell her how to live her life. All she wants is peace and quiet! Time to think about what she really wants.

If you aren't true to yourself, you'll end up in chaos.

Happiness rarely comes alone... 

Premiere: 29.09.2006
Genre: Drama
Screenplay: Kjetil Indregard
Director: Vibeke Ringen
Producer: Synnøve Hørsdal
Cast: Ingjerd Egeberg, Mats Eldøen, Jens Jørn Spottag, Kai Remlov, Eindride Eidsvold

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