Love is...

Four short films about love.

Director: Jens Lien, screenplay: Lars Gudmestad

Jens Eriksen is in debt up to his ears, and debt collectors are breathing down his neck. He is neglecting his parental duties to his 10-year-old son and to make matters worse, Jens decides to commit a robbery, hoping that the clearing of his debts will help him lead a better life.

Salt & pepper 
Director: Grethe Bøe, screenplay: Ellen-Astri Lunde
Bitten is 25 years old, but she feels as lumpy and pale as the fish pudding shes selling at the fish store, Madame Bergen. She thinks Freddy, her football crazed boyfriend, doesnt want her anymore because of her weight, and when she suddenly bursts out of a wedding gown in a dressing room, she decides to start taking african dance classes. She falls in love with her dance teacher, Abu, but Freddy wants her back.

To the End of the World
Director: Trygve A. Disen, screenplay: Morten Hovland
Emma works at the local supermarket and spends most of her days reading today’s offer and discussing what groceries customers are checking out with her colleague Siss. Emma has a relationship with her boss, Stein, which gives her the perks of working the cash register. Life at the store is routine, but everything is about to change when Even arrives.

A Done Deal
Director: Mathias A. Jordal, screenplay: Birgitte Bratseth
Three teenage boys visits three girls on a cabin trip with a plan to reach third base. They have brought an erotic magazine, a packet of condoms, beer, and to top it all off: the cabin has a sauna. They are going to get to third base for sure, but things will take a sudden and darker turn than expected.

Premiere Norway: TV2, April 2003
Genre: TV Drama 4 x 25 min
Screenplay: Lars Gudmestad, Ellen-Astri Lunde, Morten Hovland, Birgitte Bratseth
Directors: Jens Lien, Grethe Bøe, Trygve A. Diesen, Mathias A. Jordal
Cast: Jørgen Langhelle, Aksel Hennie, Siw Anita Andersen, Bjarte Hjelmeland,
Cecilie Mosli og Gard Eidsvold