Estimated release: Autumn 2018 | Drama 8 x 45 min
Director: Petter Næss
Screenplay: Mette M. Bølstad & Siv Rajendram
Producers: Synnøve Hørsdal & Ales Ree

The drama series The State of Happiness tells the story of Western prosperity, a changing nation, a Klondike town, and four young people who are thrown into a whirlwind of opportunites. Everything is moving, everything is new, it’s great, big, at times scary, unknown. How are they all going to deal with it?

It’s the summer of 1969 in the small coastal town of Stavanger, Northen Europe. International oil companies have been test drilling for years, but nothing has been found and they are in the process of leaving. Stavanger lives off fish, and the North Sea is emptying out. No more cod, no more herring. Something has to happen. The town is in crisis. The night before Christmas 1969, Phillips Petroleum finds the largest sub sea oil basin in history. And everything is about to change.