East End Angels

Holidays! 12-year-olds Maja, Rikke and Ohna are lazying about at Ohna's Vietnamese restaurant Saigon House: Their great ambition is to not lift a finger this summer. But then the police turn up and arrests Ohna's big brother. The girls know he's innocent, but he won't get out of jail until the real bad guys are exposed. It´s a case for the East End Angels.
They face an action packed adventure of car chases, kung fu kicks, romance and spring rolls, secret basement rooms, illegal immigrants, a vicar who's not a vicar, a church that's not a church, a police woman who won´t listen and a crook who never gives up.
Maja is clever, Ohna knows karate, Rikke sings like a songbird. They face dangerous balancing acts and rescue missions in murky territories, and need all the help they can get from their friends: Orpham – a ruthless biker, granny Noi – a ruthless driver, and Fredriksen – a ruthless she dog who believes she is a human being.
Excpect action and high drama in Oslo's East End. And put on your sunglasses, it's gonna be a scorcher!

Premiere: 26.02.2010
Genre: Children's action
Screenplay: Vibeke Idsøe, Mette M. Bølstad, Kjersti Ugelstad – after an idea of Ellen J. Alveberg
Director: Lars Berg
Producer: Synnøve Hørsdal
Cast: Emma Høgh Åslein, Nini Bakke Kristiansen, Helene Nybråten, Kristin Skogheim, Jeff Ranara, Edward Schultheiss og Pia (Steindal) som hunden Fredriksen

Awards and nominations
KiKiFe - Kinder-Kino-Festival Schwäbsiche Gmünd: Best Feature Film - Children's Jury

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