dates in real life (TV pilot)

When Ida, 22 and unkissed, is dumped by her online boyfriend, her journey to find a partner in the real world begins.

Ida has lived her entire social life through screens. Her internet boyfriend Marvin lives in the US, and they have never met face to face. When Marvin breaks up because he has started dating IRL, "in real life," Ida chooses to create a profile on a dating app.

On her journey through a new "appified" dating culture, we follow Ida's many attempts at finding a partner – and finding herself.

Premiere: TBD
Genre: Drama series
Director: Jakob Rørvik
Screenplay: Jakob Rørvik
Producers: Synnøve Hørsdal & Ales Ree

Cast: Kristine Thorp, Scott Chambers, Mathias Luppichini