Alfie Atkins TV-series

Maipo Film is producing a new TV serie about Alfie Atkins, based on nine books which has not previously been filmed, and four brand new original stories written by Gunnilla Bergström. All together 13 episodes. The Norwegian narrator is Trond Høvik.

Alfie Atkins is an ingenious 6-year-old boy who can build a new world in his own living-room or make a birthday surprise for his dad. He can be an inventor, a babysitter, or a king with magical powers, or he can explore the wonders of the universe. The stories about Alfie show both difficult and complex situations that children can learn from in an entertaining way.

Premiere: 26.12.2012
Genre: Children / Animation
Screenplay: Hans Åke Gabrielsson, Tora Berg, Katrine Valen Zeiner
Based on the books by Gunilla Bergström
Director: Liller Møller
Co-Director: Karsten Killerich
Producer: Kristin Ulseth
Executive Producer: Synnøve Hørsdal
Co-Producers: A. Film Productions Aps v/Anders Mastrup, NRK, SVT, DR, WDR
Norwegian narrator: Trond Høvik
Animations: A. Film Production Aps (DK), Hong Guang Animation (Kina)
Design: Gunilla Bergström, A. Film Productions, A. Film Eesti, 
Mikrofilm as, Anders Worm, Katrine Høyberg
Composer: Georg Riedel, Stein Berge Svendsen