Maipo Film has produced more than 30 movies and TV shows since the establishment in 2000. The company’s first film was the Oscar nominated Elling (2001). 

Maipo Film has had a range of successes and numerous productions since then. They have produced films such as Sundance winner Happy, Happy (2010), Karlovy Vary winner The Art of Negative Thinking (2006) and Liv Ullmann’s Miss Julie (2014), starring Jessica Chastain and Colin Farrell.

They have distinguished themselves as one of Scandinavia’s preeminent production companies. Maipo Film is one of the leading film production companies in Norway when it comes to history telling and fictional films and TV shows that appeal to a wide range of audience.

Over the last years, Maipo Film has had a strategic commitment regarding films for children and families. We saw the first result of that with Louis & Luca and the Snow Machine, which was the most seen film that year, then with the film about Albert Åberg and the Doctor Proctor series, based on Jo Nesbø’s best selling children’s books.

In 2018 Maipo Film will release three feature films; Louis & Luca: Mission to the Moon, Harajuku, Sonja - The White Swan and the TV-series State of Happiness.



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